Britney Tezanos-Pinto is Your Creative Counterpart


I’m a crafty and creative soul who loves to dabble in many things just about all the time. I like exploring and testing new information out in the creative realm, while mindfully seeking to understand all the things I learn about myself in the design thinking process of life.

⁣⁣I previously blogged and spend a good time becoming an expert in the creative development process and found a love for helping others in my journey. As an enneagram type 2w3, I think my journey is finally making sense to me by embracing this opportunity! So that’s why I am here… to help YOU. Nothing makes me feel more alive than partnering with other creatives and seeing them light up or have those magical “ah-ha” moments.

⁣⁣From content development strategies and brainstorming to photos and workshops, you will find me right by your side. I’m here to help you get on track, get outside of your head and roll in the deep with your amazing ideas and talents that the world needs to see or anything else that would spark your success!

So let’s hop on a call, schedule a collaborative time slot or even find a way to get you some photos for your biz in the near future. I know we’re on lock down, but for any progress you WANT to make I’m here to support it and do what I can as your creative counterpart in the process.⁣⁣